Until recently, attacks by the Islamist
group, Jama’atu Ahl-Sunnati Lil
Da’awati wal Jihad, popularly known
as the Boko Haram, against the
Nigerian state were confined to
Borno State only, especially in the
capital city of Maiduguri. But on June
16, 2011, the militant sect showed
that it was capable of hitting
anywhere in the country when it
detonated a bomb in Abuja.
BLUEPRINT was able to obtain
incredible details of how the group
carried out the attack, using a suicide
bomber called Mohammed Manga.
Abu Zaid, the spokesman of the
group, who made the informatioon
and photographs available, spoke to
our correspondent AHMAD SALKIDA
on telephone in Maiduguri. In the
interview, which was conducted in
the Hausa language, Abu Zaid
reveals that indeed the Boko Haram
has foreign contacts and has other
militants who are ready to carry out
further suicide bombings in the
country. He also dispels some of the
key information issued by the police
authorities, such as the type of car
used in the Nigeria Police Force
headquarters bombing, as well as a
bit of the inner workings of the
militant group.
How, when and where was your
operation against the Nigeria Police
Force headquarters conceived and
Praise is to Allah. The planning of this
attack is not different from the way
and manner we plan other attacks
around the country and in Maiduguri
in particular. Although the Force
headquarters was among the list of
our targets, we made it a priority
and acted quickly because of the
empty threats of the Inspector-
General of Police that he would
eradicate us within two weeks.
Did you really set out for a suicide
attack or was it a pre-timed explosive
that went off inadvertently as is
being speculated?
Of course, we planned it as a suicide
attack right from the onset. The
attacker left his will to his family and
a message to Nigerians. We were
together and he bid everyone
farewell. He was calm and looked
peaceful even when he had decided
to give his life away; many brothers
envied him and wished it was their
turn to act. The bomber said he had
sacrificed his life for Allah’s sake and
urged other believers to do likewise.
So far, we have screened nearly 100
persons for suicide attacks for this
year alone in Nigeria, while more
than this number are getting ready
for next year.
Who was the attacker?
His name is Mohammed Manga,
(but) he is popularly known as Alhaji
Manga. He was from Adamawa
State but he was born and brought
up in Maiduguri. He was a
businessman; in fact, a successful
businessman, because he left over
four million (naira) in his will for his
two daughters and three sons.
Would you describe Manga’s
operation as a success?
Of course, it was a successful
operation; the police and the world
know that. Initially, people thought
that we only attacked places where
common people are, but this time
around, we attacked a high profile
target. That is why you are hearing a
lot of noise because the attack
affected those at the very top.
Henceforth, we will begin to
concentrate on high profile targets.
How many bombs were in that car
and what kind of car was it?
(Laughs). I was surprised when the
police said the car was a Mercedes
‘V-Boot’, it was never a Mercedes.
The car used for the attack was an
ash-coloured Honda 86. We are
surprised as to the why the police
are confused anytime we strike. The
bomb we used was a ready-made
bomb, which we acquired from
abroad. And we are going to use
several of them in future attacks.
What is likely to be your next target?
In a war situation, everything is done
with planning and tact. We have a
list of our targets; we may only shift
to a certain place if people make the
kind of statements the I.G. made
about our group during his visit to
Maiduguri. We are urging Nigerians
not to under-estimate us. We are
capable of doing more than what we
did at the police headquarters in sha
Are you aware that innocent people
died in the attack?
Many journalists always ask this
question. As we have always said,
for example, whoever went to the
police headquarters did not heed our
advice to stay away from
government institutions and security
agents. It is necessary for people to
take our warnings seriously, but if
they don’t that will not deter us from
this Jihad because before this illegal
government was established many
lives were lost and it is possible that
before you can overthrow it lives will
also be lost. Interestingly, Manga,
despite the fact that he was wealthy
and he was prominent amongst us,
he decided to give his life to this
cause. And if we give our lives for
such operations we don’t have
regrets for those that go to such
places against our advice and die.
But sincerely, we are not happy with
the loss of innocent lives.
There is a rumour that you will
attack schools, mosques, markets
and even hospitals. Is it true?
We are not mad men, we are not
fighting the general public but rather
we are in a state of war with
government. Therefore, our targets
are government institutions and
government officials, especially the
security agents and politicians. Sadly,
our group has been associated with
many attacks and crimes, like
sometimes back in Kano and even
some robbery incidents, some of
which we were not aware of. We
can only take what is lawful to us in
The Police Force has recently
charged some of its officers to court
over the extra-judicial killings of the
late Mohammed Yusuf and others…
It is a lie! We have investigated the
issue and found out it was a practical
joke. Many journalists have
confirmed that also. But let us
assume that it is true, why are they
bringing the issue now that our
attack affects them directly? So, that
means they are not doing it for the
sake of justice and fairness. But even
if the police men are prosecuted it
will not bring back the dead or make
us bring down our flag.
Do you have any links to Al-Qaeda
or militant groups in Sudan and
We started our teachings over eight
years ago, and through the books
we published and our numerous
tapes and teachings, our doctrine is
clear: we are the true followers of the
Prophet, known as Kitabul Sunna.
Our objective is to destroy Kufr
(unbelief) and injustice in our land.
Whoever has this as his objective
anywhere in the world is with us
and whatever happens to him affects
us and what happens to us should
affect them as well. That is our only
link to them.
You have called for the
implementation of Sharia in twelve
states. Which are the states and
what if Nigeria breaks up as a result?
We never made any of these
statements. The person who said
this was one Usman Al-Zawahiri and
we don’t know him. He is not with
us. In fact, our investigation revealed
that he is an SSS (State Security
Service operative) and was brought
in by them to discredit us and give
an impression that we are divided.
So far, I am the only spokesman
appointed by our Amir, Malam
Abubakar Shekau; that is why I gave
you this video and pictures of the
suicide bomber, which clearly
shows that I am the authentic
spokesman for the group, with the
name Abu Zaid. We urge the media
to desist from talking to him and
others, if not we will see them as
part of the conspiracy to rubbish us.
But what we are saying and
demanding is that we want Sharia in
the whole of Nigeria, not only in one
part or region.
Why did you choose to give me the
video last weekend and refuse to
give other journalists even when we
had finished last week’s production?
You were the first journalist who
repeatedly wrote about us when we
were not known to the world; you
were the first journalist who
reported when our brothers were
shot at on their way to a funeral
procession by members of a
security outfit set up by the Borno
State government, known as
‘Operation Flush.’ We see you as an
objective writer who is never afraid
to say the truth; that is why our
leader approved the idea to give you
the final evidence that we were solely
behind the suicide attack at the police
The leader of the Movement for the
Actualisation of the Sovereign State
of Biafra (MASSOB), Mr. Ralph
Uwazurike, is reported to be
considering adopting your method
of armed struggle. Is he in contact
with you?
What we are doing is purely
religious. We don’t need money, we
do not entertain any ethnic or
regional sentiments. In our group
we have Yoruba, Igbo, Nupe, Igala,
Kanuri, etc. Maybe he likes what we
are doing and wants to copy us to
fight what even Christians see as an
unjust and irresponsible
government. If he kills our enemy,
that is a welcome development to
The Federal Government wants to
negotiate with you, using the carrot
and stick approach. Would you
negotiate? Is it the stick or the carrot
– or both?
How can you say there will be
dialogue, yet our members are being
arrested and are currently being
tortured in different police and
military detention centres in Lagos,
Abuja and elsewhere? At a time the
government is talking about
dialogue, they are buying and
dispatching amoured tanks and
getting ready to fight us. This
government is trying to deceive
Nigerians and create an impression
that it is us that do not want peace.
But they cannot deceive us.
There is a rumour going round that
some people, in the name of your
group, are to talking to some political
leaders in Maiduguri to facilitate
dialogue. Do you know them?
We don’t have any plans to talk to
government on their own terms,
and those people that claim to be
talking on our behalf should at least
call for a ceasefire to assert their
authority while the so-called dialogue
is on. You cannot be dialoguing
while people are being killed. If they
are with us we will suspend any
attacks until the talks fails to yield any
positive results.
We are not people that deceive
others and we are not interested in
money like the Niger Deltans. Even if
it is Malam Shekau that decides to
undermine this Jihad we shall not
hesitate to kill him, let alone any
other persons that we, as a group,
did not authorise.
Are there factions in your group? Are
Malam Shekau and Sheikh
Mohammad Nur working together?
There is no faction within our group.
We have never had problems with
Nur; he is obedient to our leader, in
the person of Malam Abubakar
Shekau, and we have never heard of
any problem. In fact, he is very
active in this cause and we are
hearing this information from you
for the first time.
Indonesia has the largest population
of Muslims in the world, yet it is a
secular state. Why is your group
refusing to live under a secular state
like Nigeria now, while during the life
time of Mohammed Yusuf there was
no objection to this rule?
Yes, it is so, but the Muslims there
are not doing da’wah (preaching).
Even the Prophet (Muhammad)
stayed in Mecca when it was not an
Islamic state, but what he was
constantly doing was da’wah to the
people that they should stop
unbelief. And when they prevented
him from practising his religious
duties, he left and came back to fight
them. We can subsist under such
government like we did during the
time of the late Mohammed Yusuf
and practice our religion the way we
want, but what happened was that
we were prevented from practising
our religion; we came under
constant attacks and harassments,
our mosque was destroyed and
many were deprived of their
livelihood and killed in cold blood.
Then, we raised our flag for Jihad,
and we will never bring it down. We
shall continue to fight until we die.
What message do you have for the
people of Nigeria?
Our message to Nigerians is that
what we are doing is not politics, it is
purely religious. We take our
instructions from the Qur’an that
urges us to fight oppression,
injustice and corrupt leaders like the
ones in Nigeria. We are, however,
calling on the general public to
cooperate with us and join this
revolution to bring about change in
our lives. If you cannot contribute
physically, you should keep your
mouth shut. And kindly desist from
any act either by offering any advice
or information about us to our
enemies. If anyone is engaged in any
activity against us, he should not
blame us but he or she should
blame himself.

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If these claims are true,then Nigeria is in for a big question mark.
Whether we like it or not, Boko Haram remains an insupportable stupidity, a criminal and wanton destruction of lives and property by demented atheist and sanguine hell bound urchins. Their so called successes ringbell because d national leadership is weak to do its duty of preservation of d state above an individuals whims
The government should not take their treat as an empty treat, they should justify the the tax payers money spent on security and put an end to this group.
One can now see the reason for this country to negotiate its further existence.
Nigeria has failed!
The Souths wants Liberation(Movement for the Liberation south south),South East wants (Massob) likewise the North(Boko Haram) or whatever...
This interview show the extreme nature of Boko Haram , they want to stop injustics yet there are planting bomb in beer palour were commoner and ordinary people go to , if they are sure of themselves and want to overthrow a constititional and democratic government why not merch to the seat of power and attack those concerns , why attack civilians? and let me tell you that , it is  stupidity at the highest order to say that Nigeria state be islamised , i think the cause they are fighting is unjust , as such they would fail woofully in Jusus name cos my bible did not tell me  God say we should kill for him.


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