I wish that Nigeria can grow well to become:

A place:

 - Where people can Love God, things of creation, deeply with their sincere heart.

 - With beaming smiles on People faces, a united large family, sharing, caring for each


 - The world can read, hear about in the daily news, meaningful and joyful development.

 - And People can enjoy good things in their enviroment like sports facilities, public/private parks and others important things for health/growth and development.

 - Where everyone will be happy to share together God`s Blessing, and selfishness attirude will not be found in the whole community. 

 - Where God will be accepted as head/creator , by Father,Mother,Sons,Daughters, all living in good/loving relationship.





Oh God! grant my prayer wish Lord........ AMEN!!!




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May God Bless NIGERIA!


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