My mother prayed about my anger issues for 15 years – Nollywood actor reveals

Nollywood actor, Keppy Ekpenyoung has revealed that he used to have bad temperament and had anger issues at a point in his life.

How I Have Stayed Relevant As An Actor For Over 35 Yrs – Veteran Actor, KEPPY BASSEY EKPEYONG | City People Magazine

Speaking to the Punch in an exclusive chat, Keppy Ekpenyong said that his anger was that bad that his mother prayed for him for 15 years.

The veteran actor recounted how his friends will advise him to manage his temper and his turning point to becoming tolerant was when he became a father.

“I know that for about fifteen years, my mother’s prayers when we made New Year resolution was that, ‘I pray that Keppy manages his temper more.’ So, I began to learn from the very first years and I started to control my temper. I want to present myself as a very happy person, even when I am not happy. It is a deliberate attempt; it started out being deliberate, but now, it is a part of me.

“My temper was very bad at the time; it was vicious. Now, it is in the past and it is safer as it is in the past. I had friends who used to tell me, ‘Keppy manage your temper; do not lose your temper. Nobody wants it.’ So I grew through that era,”Ekpenyong said.

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