'My husband married me while pregnant for another man, used petrol to burn me later'

A Kenyan woman who goes by the name Janet Mwihaki has painfully narrated how her husband used Petrol to burn her body after she decided to leave him.

Read her story as edited by Vanguard below:

"I got married to a man I served like a customer in a hotel I once worked in.

"He was my best friend and not even once did I imagine that our relationship would end up to marriage.

" was already pregnant with another man’s child while I got married and my husband was okey with it.

"Things started to get worse after I gave birth to my child. My husband would brutally beat me up.

"After my husband lost his job, he asked me to sacrifice our son to Devil worshipping so that we can be granted wealth.

"I immediately ran away and went back to her parent’s house.

"My husband pleaded for forgiveness and I went back to him, but things got worse.

"My husband would take other women to our matrimonial home but I would tolerate since I had nowhere to go.

"I gave birth to my second and third kid and this time I could not tolerate anymore.

"I decided to end the marriage but this angered my husband who attacked me and poured petrol on my body, razed me and I was left to die."

Janet is now disabled and she can no longer do anything for herself, she depends on on her kids to help her with everything because both of her hands got burnt.

Janet regrets getting married where she claims her family abandoned her and all she wishes for is only death. She claims she is unable to provide for her kids and this makes her very sad.

She says that her husband destroyed her whole life and even after committing the heinous act, he is still walking freely. She fears for her life because her husband is still looking for her.

Janet has pleaded for help from well wishers.

Her last born is still in school and she is unable to clear his school fees and this has led her to being depressed.

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