My friends say is bad of me for dislikening to chat with guys btw my age

Is it really bad, if i dislikes chatting with guyz btw my age or with small years ahead my age? My frnds say is bad, dat it wil lure me into marrying a man twice my age,. But is it not said dat age is just a number? Should i control it or it a fault? But it is in me rite frm my tender age bcos i grew up in a case where i am addited to chatting comfortably to my seniors or my mum. Pls reply.., many pple says i always big or maturity whereas i am a small rat!

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Well, I think this is not a big problem. Just try and include men of different ages in ur chat,only try to know what u really need. It wil help u to learn more and become more versatile. This calls for a little adjustment and being more accommodating.
It doesnt matter, its better for u cos u tend to learn more from someone older than u very well, chatting with someone doesnt mean u will end up marrying taht person. It doesnt matter.
to chat with people that are older than your age, there are two things involve.


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