Let nobody not be misled, let nobody misunderstand me. My problem is that Nigerians do not look into things in details. Even if they try to analyze, they forget easily. Nigerians find it very difficult to ask fundamental questions. O k, let me start like this, It is a common belief that the politicians are not for the interest of Nigerians but for their own selfish interest yet nobody has gone to court and sue any of the senators who receive 500million each for development of their constituency. This has been happening for more than fifty years. Another thing is that Nigeria generates millions of dollars every day and politicians share the money and use it to invest in other countries. For example, most of the towers in Malaysia are owned by Nigerian present and former leaders yet nobody has asked questions. Last week, Atiku was accused of transferring more than 40million US dollars to America during his regime yet no body has asked questions, even members of this forum are not interested in that kind of argument because nobody wants to die. Nigeria is bleeding blood. Nigeria produces more than 4.5million graduates yearly since 1960 and no provision of job is on ground,yet nobody wants to ask questions because we dont want to die. Last week too, Britain said she would return some 54million pounds stolen from Nigeria and diverted to UK, yet nobody wants to ask who did it. Nigerians, Nigerians, Nigerians, how many times did I call? Remember that the culture of some of these people you call your leaders is nomads, they do not have a traceable home, they are wanderers and can pitch their tents anywhere they find comfortable. This is the only aim they shift your money abroad to make sure that when it starts again, they will all fly away. One day you will wake up and hear that Nigeria does not exist. Let me tell you, they have concluded their plans. OPEN YOUR EYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NIGERIAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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y brother, we can bring change by rebranding our individual selves. That is,changing our attitude of stealling public funds and other vices. With these, I think we shall meet our demand.

Gboluwaga Abimbola said:
Actually, we care about all of these things. But how many of them can one respond to? Yes, Atiku should be prosecuted and be jailed. Others who have looted the country should be jailed as well. As for Malaysia, I don't believe that most of the towers in Malaysia are owned by Nigerians. Yes Nigerians may have owned some towers in Malaysia, but owing most of them is a bit stretched, unless there is statistics to prove it.

Anyway, let us pray for Nigeria. Believe me, I would have preferred for the country to break up, so that each region can go about their ways. But if cannot break up, we need to have some form of confederation, where each region can run its own region, and only resort to the center, when it comes to national security or tax or anything that is of national interest. Recall that the old Western Region, Eastern Region and Northern Region operated these ways in the days of Chief Awolowo, Dr. Azikiwe and Alhaji Ahmadu Bello.
y brother, we can bring change by rebranding our individual selves. That is,changing our attitude of stealling public funds and other vices. With these, I think we shall meet our demand.

tede said:
The problem is not just the politicians. It is a deep rooted malaise that has robbed the average Nigerian of the faculty to recognise the difference between right and wrong. The man/woman at your place of worship is saying one thing but doing another. We have very bad habits!

Perhaps the center is too powerful. Nonetheless, how many governors and local goverment chairmen are delivering today? Would confederation get these people to act differently?

You have highlighted one solution to the problem, which is not probing and challenging the status quo. Instead, we resort to time wasting by praying for divine intervention. Silly, is it not?
O boy, abeg take am easy. You dey vex more than me who start this topic. I believe in Nigeria because we can constitute more significant influence in the world if we unite and do our home work well. We are all angry about what is happening but we have to face the reality and challenges ahead. United we stand.

AGBA OYE said:
My brothet, you are correct. We are all afraid to die, but no all of us. For instance, I started something simillar to what you mentioned above in Ogun State---taking them to court one by one, though I'm still working on it. Will start with those call local counsellors or whatever, for they are the worst. We need to clean Nigeria up and I believe we have to start from somewhere. Look at Lagos state today, no one had ever thought Fashola could made thouse moves in Lagos, now Lagos is moving foreward and so is Kwara State, Ondo State, Katsina State. God is in our side, Nigeria will not devide, we are one nation.
it is not enough to propound theories and hypothesis,we must all stand up to be counted.we must be prepared to make sacrifices if need be die for a just cause for our children to have future.martin luther died for his an Obama to rise from the wings of his dream.

Akamelu Michael said:
It is true.
The President of International Fund for Agricultural Development, His Excellency Felix Kanayo Nwanze has again encouraged us that Africa is the most richest continent in natural resources. Let us utilize what we have to achieve our dream.
It is still an enigma.
What is a new story to the ears of every Nigerian. The real issue is that nobody cares about what is happening and those who pretend to care are there to "chop and clean mouth" grab! grab! grab!. The resrt of the people are looking on as spectators and giving them a very loud applause to continue. All these na "Old news be that" thanks to Fela Kuti. Paddy , Paddy government we deyooo eeparipa. Can some one listen to that song by Fela and tell me the answer? Are they thinking that Nigerians are fools and cannot perceive and understand stuff? Excuse me.
You are right,but what shall we do?????
It has been termed a faild nation.
I think you are 100% right Nzeribe. A failed nation is a failed nation. It takes only God's grace to make Nigeria a nation. The sycophants had already done their worst, what we need to do is to think something of positive as you suggested and at the same time make personal decision to be free or to be slaves. The political adulterers have finally chartered Nigeria, if we keep silent and be pursuing our destiny in this society, then we are slaves to these people because we do not have societal definition. But it will be also noteworthy if we think positive, and pursue our dreams in a well defined society free of political armed robbers because if we do not have a defined society, then we are living as slaves in our own country.
Gadaffi, I know that your knife is still sharp, if you would like to cut, PLEASE, I BEG YOU to start wth the HEADS OF NIGERIAN POLITICIANS. Or what do you think?


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