My family members tagged me an Ogbanje because of my spiritual powers — Mmachi Duru reveals

By Sylvester Kwentua

Popular sex and beauty therapist, Mmachi Duru, also known as Queen of nature, has revealed the challenges she faces while trying to explore her God-given gifts. In an encounter with this reporter, the sex and beauty therapist, while speaking about challenges faced during the early stages of her career, revealed that she discovered her spiritual powers, at the tender age of 8, which, unfortunately, earned her a negative name from her family members.

”A major challenge I once faced while starting up as a sex therapist and spiritualist, was many people not taking me serious, that was in 2019!” Mmachi began.

On when she started noticing her spiritual powers, she had this to say.

“I was 8 when I started having revelations of things that will happen, and then some of my family members thought I was an OGBANJE, and I was taken to a church ministry where I became the youngest prayer warrior then. I started going for family liberation (services) when I was 9. She further revealed.

Mmachi Duru, who is bent on making an impact in people’s lives with her God given spiritual powers, also explained why she decided to finally answer God’s call in her life, despite trying hard to ignore the call.

“I've experienced a lot of things in life; failures, depression, just name them! And all fingers pointed at me having a gift and refusing to answer my call. So right now, I have chosen to live my purpose of life before it becomes too late for me.” She confessed.

Although she confessed to not being accepted by religious people, Mmachi doesn’t feel deterred in her passion, as she vowed to do what she does now, if she finds herself in another life, promising to even start early.

“Yes I will do it and in that life, I would start as early as possible.” Mmachi Duru boasted.

Popularly known as ‘Queen of Nature’, Mmachi Duru, who is happily married, is a Sex and Beauty therapist and a practicing spiritualist in Astrology. She is from Awọ-omamma, Imo State.

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