My daughter stabbed her head with Knife and it Came through her Eye

My name is Esther Nwachukwu and I've come to return all honor and adoration to the mighty God we serve in this commission. On that faithful Tuesday I went shopping in the main market, Onitsha after which I headed to church for my choir rehearsals. Though throughout the day, I had my children in mind in an unusual way so strong that I thought of not attending the rehearsal.

After the rehearsals came to a heavy downpour that made it almost impossible for me to catch a bus home. While I was waiting, I got a distress call from two of my neighbors saying that I should leave whatever I was doing and rush home that they don't understand what happened in my house and that everywhere was covered with blood.I wasn't scared.

I was still myself waiting for a bus but I was wrapped in fear when my husband called and said I should remain in church or wherever I was until something happens to his daughter. Aaaah I had to enter just any bus cutting the journey until I got home. 


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