Stella, my best friend ex left my best friend because she felt my best friend didnt know her worth and was constantly beating and cheating on her.all along i have always advice my friend to stop treating her badly and take his time to show some respect and love to her but he wouldnt listen. Most time she will come to me for confort. I guess that was how i feel in love with her and she noticed it. Now the thought of her fills my heart,my soul, my everything. What do i do? Plz help me. +2348032565582

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Why most it be ur best ex girl u have decided to fall in love with? The devil has started using u to destroy ur relationship with ur best friend. There other girls out there, ask God to show u the good one because if you allow the devil to lead u at the end u will regret everything .

Know that whatsoever u are about to do now will also happen to u in time to come.

my friend, its very irresponsible to be romantically attracted to your best friend s girl, for Gods sake, what is your definition of Best Friend? she s naturally suppose to be close to u, as she sees u as someone who can straighten the tots of her boyfriend since u re his best friend, it should however, become insulting to u if she mistakes ur commitment to friendship as romance,
Again, i say this as a guy, 90 % of girls in this situation would not make a move, til they see us men conceding to the idea drectly or indirectly. what u think u have for her is not love, its simply compaction( a soft feeling) and we both know this, you re just enjoying the feeling of taking risk.
if you re a responsible person, you would not take advantage of her vulnerable status.
As far as am concern, if u dont call urself to order, u will not be relaxed in the relatioship, trust will be far from it, u will constantly fear that she ll do same to u. note, your friend doesnt tell u exactly how bad she is, he only sometimes summarizes.
i have reservations on the girl cos i want to believe that shes unstable an not in her right state of mind.


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