I did not for once ask why Americans should add us as terrorist country. I know the truth. Why should I make noise? If you calculate the number of Nigerians that were cold-bloodedly and brutally murdered in the northern Nigeria from 1990 till now, you will be fixed at a stance with awe. I want to ask, does it mean that these people who are killed are not human beings or that they are not graded as human beings? What is our problem ? Who among the people who said they should meet Americans with a diplomatic row ever cried that the tendency of planned killings in the north amounted to terrorism? Dora Akinyili is now opening eyes like an owl, now tell me., if not for the insincerity of our leaders, their recklessness, foolishness and insensitivity, if not for their support for terror, what would make a bloody civilian to confidently come out on the street and kill the fellow citizen? It is because they know that these men would not ask them any questions, they can go scut free but i make it a categorical statement that the days for those planned killings have matured with suited results.....let nobody blame America because, if you are blind to see your brothers killed in a cold blood and you did not ask questions, they are watching to protect their citizens because they value lives. Yesterday Jos killings has vindicated America. Who can make noise again?

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the issue at stake has overlapped the obvious. It will take a god to sanitise the Jos.
I have kept it as unprecedented, the bravery of Angela to take up one of the most lingering discuss for which we are espected to commit a little devotion but unfortunately, the distracting minds would not allow us to discuss our problems. They are so fast in finding faults and when they find the faults, they make little or no attempt to correct the fault. This is one of the reasons we mostly surfer at the hands of our political leaders.
i think that the jos issue is not just a religious stuff.i think it is a move to capitalize on the absence of Mr.President in order to cause a division in the house.these politicians are crazy.we vote for them and become their disposable pawns.the solution to our unending problems is to sanitize the entire seats of power.
It is not really easy to act. Nigeria is the most happiest country. Nobody wants to die.
Hope to see Yar' adua
Nice Post......


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