When are we as a nation going to say no to what is wrong. This issue of Jega is becoming something else. For how long shall he keep on with this postponement of a thing. Has he forgotten so soon that he is there for the interest of this country, not for his own personal interest. We are beginning to loose confidence on him. We thought that is coming will put an end to issue of election dissapointment or not holding due to late arival of material. This has alway be the cause of our election. This is exactly what moris iwu did during his tenure. If I may ask, why all this late arival of material when the money has already be provided for it? Let us realise that the world is watching us. My advise to jega is that He should sit properly befor taking any decision of his own.

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Actually the latest postponement in some senatoral zones of the state is not funny.  But all the same, Jega should not be crucified.  We have come this far patiently, so we should be patient to the end.
Well, all thesame. We are watching to see the end of it all. Cause with this act I dont think any good can comes out of it. Because our hope is in the hand of Jega, the success of nigeria lies with him. All I pray is that he should used his office wisely not to be use by so call political Godfather. Who are there for thire selfish reason without minding the pain of the poor masses.


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