Something needs to be done about ASUU and AWUZIE, and fast too. or why has everyone decided to keep mute on the matter? its more a national issue as the issue of subsidy. we are staying too long at home, i hardly can even remember my matric number anymore, please, lets raise some dust on this issue. lets call their attention to it, we are on the loosing end of this, mr AWUZIES' kids might not be in any of our Nigerian institutions, anyway those are my thought. cause i wonder if he would be folding his hands, while his boys will be leaving with him under the same roof with gray hair. feed them, cloth them, give them money to shave, give them money to buy boxers or under wears and see to the fact that, they are not on the street. AH! that i am not sure. so i have the feeling that's why he is all relaxed and none nonchalant about the whole issue.
He gives no regard to the issue of AGE on the part of the students, or is there anyone amongst us who is growing younger? that aside, how about the issue of delay and harm to the academic calender? i thought they said he was a PROF? at what age did he attain that? i am worried.

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ASUU loves to go on strike because they stand to loose nothing,Though there are certain rough areas in the education sector that needs to be smoothened but not by this method ASUU/Awuzie has adopted,any hidden agenda or is Awuzie seeking for recognition? The leadership of ASUU is myopic. GEJ/state governors over to you sack this lecturers or grant universities autonomy.

hey, thank for ur comment, well am so sure that we are moving forward.

I believe ASU has overplayed its card and so is beginning  to lose the confidence of Nigerians.


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