The late-nineties, or perhaps the early millennium is evident within the opening moments of “Stay Long.” Mariah Carey has long integrated herself into the hip-hop realm, collaborating with Jay-Z and ODB among others, even “beefing” with Eminem. Now, Mimi has come through with her new Caution album, linking up with Gunna for a highlight contribution. Evocative of such romantic bangers like “Mariah Carey – Stay Long Love You,” Mariah and Gunna reflect on their lust-driven chemistry, exchanging fantasies worthy of the “erotica” section.

Gunna, ever the romantic, makes his intention abundantly clear. “I wake up to you in the morning and eat that p**** up for lunch,” he sings, an equal opportunity lover. Mariah keeps the mischevious tone alive, matching Gunna’s open-door policy with an explorer’s curiosity. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a “thug luv” banger this refined, and Mariah and Gunna prove that some formulas are timeless in nature.

Quotable Lyrics

I got your back, I wouldn’t front
I came that night, you know I want it
I wake up to you in the morning
And eat that p**** up for lunch
And I take care you like a son


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