This year has been phenomenal for the development of several artists in particular. One of the stars of 2018 has been Cardi B and there’s no denying that. She has a decent amount of haters but she’s been at the top of her game, coming through with a few radio anthems. Arguably nobody has had a bigger year than her. Cardi went from a niche artist to everybody having an opinion about her. The City Girls are still just starting out, making a name for themselves as part of Quality Control’s machine. They’re the latest act to get the green light from Coach K and Pee and they’re fixing to make it to the top. City Girls -Twerk is their next step.

The duo made up of Yung Miami and JT has been grinding for the better part of this year and they’ve received love from all corners of the world. Cardi B has been a massive supporter of their movement and she’s cementing her status as a City Girls -Twerk stan, hopping on the remix to “Twerk.” The official track was released a few days ago but Cardi decided to spit a verse on it after bumping the song on social media. She’s hopped on the bandwagon and many are bound to follow.

What do you think of the new version?

Quotable Lyrics:

This sound like Cardi took the stage
This sound like Cardi with the braids
Jermaine Dupri baby money ain’t a thang
This p*ssy wild, they should throw it in a cage


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