MP3: Anderson .Paak – Mansa Musa Feat. Dr. Dre & Cocoa Sarai

When Anderson .Paak says he’s back on his b*******, you get a sense that he’s doing it manually. His mentor Dr. Dre receives the memo too. After securing the billion dollar bag with the cleanest of hands, what more can Dre have to offer as a lyricist?

Well, on “Anderson .Paak – Mansa Musa,” Dre finally caves, giving into the line of questioning which has dogged him all this time.

“Is he a bully, a pariah, or both?”

In a bully scenario, a bespectacled Anderson .Paak does his bidding from an unrelaxed position. But in reality, a single thread exists between Anderson .Paak and Dr. Dre: the notion of passion and intensity.

When I see Dr. Dre kicking it with artist’s 20 years his junior, and excelling with that arrangement in place, I get a nice smile on my face.

Quotable Lyrics:

Now I’ve been on some different s*** lately
Like I need to dumb it down for this hip-hop scene
Can only come around for this type s*** here
If I have to bust around, it’s on the hits, my dear
Now what we gwan do with all these hits over here?
Go up in smoke when I disappear, reappear
Hah, I’m just bein’ sincere.

Dr. Dre


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