Ace Hood has done what many before him have failed to deliver: a consummate trance-rap record. Within the limits of experimentation or lack thereof, Ace has drawn us closer to the retrofuturistic outlook we did away with in the early 2010s. On “Ace Hood – 2 Mollys,” he finds himself accompanied by an elusive figure he’s worked with in the past, the inimitable Lil Tunechi.

“Ace Hood – 2 Mollys” is by all accounts an honest appraisal of what was, what is, and what will be for Ace Hood when enjoyed his peak levels of notoriety. Although there’s little evidence to support this claim, I have reason to believe “2 Molly” is a B-side record that never saw the light of day at its inception. First off, “Molly” isn’t exactly as popular a recreational drug as it was in say.. 2008. And if you listen closely, Lil Wayne even raps about his disinterest in the subject material, his preference, of course, a double cup stuffed of lucid dreaming.

Check out “2 Mollys” and hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Watch her spread it on my d*** just like some thousand island
I got anything she want and everything she like
We pour codeine in our glasses, call us lazy eyes.

-Lil Wayne


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