mother barred from seeing ailing son by wife<abormination>

can the mother of the president,hadjia dada yardua tell the agony,intimidation and misery she have undergone through the hand of her daughter in law Turai?..poor mother..i had she have called on prominent nigerians to prevail on turai to release her son and vowed to hold her responsible if anything unwholesome happens to her igbo land this constutes an abominable offence against the family in question and the entire umunna.
         i had her hope  now relies on those good friends of the president elder brother shehu musa <obasanjo,gowon> whom she have appealed to help make the first lady realise that she is hurting the family by her recalcitrant altitude.but the jezeebel of our time wount listen..but thak God she is loosing out now,,.

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I thought she intially denied asking about his son's health and claiming he was fit as a fiddle to rule, now that their gongo fe so...she's now crying foul...she shd go and stay on one side and expect her son n an air amulane or land ambulance
How i wish the son will be well while the wife faces the wrath of God
what do I say to these...................He who came home with ant infested wood is inviting the ants for dinne( okpatar nku ahuhu si ngwere na ahuhu biara ya oriri-Ibo proverb)
oga emma
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I pity Hajiya Dada Yar ardua, her agony is strange in Africa. May God almighty touch the heart of Turai so that she can release Umar to his mother, I also pray God to grant our president quick recovery.
The mother will not witness the funeral of the president and other children. Amen
Sorry mom. All of you are part of the cabal. So sort it out with your daughter in-law. Good day.
Nice Post......


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