More Than 700 Million Unique Email Ids, 21 Million Passwords Hacked

The trends we talked about earlier has started manifesting its self in form of hacks and data breach, a few hours ago over 700 million unique email ids and 21 million passwords were hacked and displayed publicly, which makes this possibly the largest email breach since 2018, the collection of files sized at 87gb was uploaded on the file-sharing platform for free download, the files were later taken down due to several user reports and complaints.

To check if your email account has been compromised or not, simply go to, the HIBP website and type in your email address in the provided box, if you get a response ‘Good news – no pwnage found’, it means your account has not been hacked but you can never be too sure, you can update your password.

If you get the response ‘Oh no – pwned’, it means your account has been hacked and you need to change your password to a really strong password, if you need help coming up with a password, you can use the secure password generator to help mix one up.

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