Money is a necessary, indispensable and unquestionably never-to-do-without converter tool. SO IS LOVE. Agreed?

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i disagreed dat, money is not luv
Lol!...but love can thrive very well where there is money than where there isn't.
Unarguably, money is an indispensable tool because without it, human activity will drive to a stand still.  Love is also indispensable because life that is devoid of love is empty and dry.  Money can buy all things save life but it can help to save life because with it , you can prevent preventable death. Money can children now via adoption but the adopted children are not and cannot be your blood.  It is a necessary evil but is has its own limitations.  Love as I have stated earlier makes life worth living and if you have all the money and don't have love (that is you don't love and you are not loved), life becomes a misery and even all the money one will still look awful and pitiable.
thank u my broda, dat is just it, luv u .
The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is not love but that which makes the world go round.


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