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My name is Nnamani Matthew, and for the last 3 years, I have helped several churches and other religious organizations like yours, providing them with several mobile messaging services (SMS, Voice, Email) in other for them to engage members and partners.

Over the years our clients have been able to use our services in more ways than one as you will observe below:

Bulk SMS Service- This Platform allows you to send bulk SMS messages by using any web browser to mobile phone or computer.
SMS Shortcode Services- SMS short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, just like a phone number, but shorter and easier to remember. SMS short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are issued by the short code provider.
Bulk Email Setup- Bulk email marketing can be an efficient way for your business to expand, reach new customers, or keep your current clients updated on the latest products and services you’re offering.
API - If you already have a solution for sending messages, we can offer you our API at ZETOSMS
Setup Sms portal with user friendly web solution for SMS and voice messages,like http:/, which can be can be white labeled (customized as you want, with your logo, company details etc)

Zetosms is Mobile Massaging platform that offer you fast and cheap sms services and help you manage all your contact in your address book.

In other to access your own bulk sms portal as well, we need to set up a premium sms portal for you, this Website which is without obligation will give you 300 free SMS UNITS to test our platform and get familiar with it. To get started, kindly provide me with the below:

- Company name and contact address. (E.g.

- Brief information regarding how you want to use your website.

I would appreciate your feedback and I will gladly give you more information concerning the payment of portal setup. You can contact me on any of my contacts listed below

08102927978, 08118196687

Skype Id: Skype

Find me on: Facebook

Kind regards,

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