Mix Bitter kola, mango leaf & Tom-Tom to cure this infection

Bitter is a natural herb that has been of great use to man. Bitter kola has so many cures to infections, even our elders use it for meeting and gathering, read more to find more of its benefits

Mango leaves

Mango leaves are very useful for dealing with diabetes. The soft leaves of the mango tree incorporate tannins known as anthocyanidins that may help in treating early diabetes. The leaves are dried and powdered or used as an infusion to treat the same. It also allows dealing with diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy.

This article informs you on the health benefits of mixing Bitter kola, mango leaves, and Tom-Tom


*Get your bitter kola and wash very well, get your mango to leave as well wash thoroughly. put your bitter kola in a blending machine and blend till smooth

*After washing your mango leaf, squeeze out or boil it all you need is just the water

*Mix your blended bitter and mango leaf, add tom tom let it dissolve for about 20 mins.


Drink twice daily( morning and night)

Benefits of drinking this mixture

*Stops hiccup. helps for proper digestion

*For weight loss. fights cancer

*For smooth skin

*Lowers blood sugar level. 

*Fights diabetes

Note: If the infection persists after taking the mixture please go see your doctor.

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