1.Adultery--Mixed thoughts, errors that have their existence in the

unregenerated feelings; thoughts that have not come under the

dominion of the I AM.

2.Allegiance to the Father--The consciousness that divine wisdom is

guiding the universe and man, which gives man a feeling of security.

3.Angel--The projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea direct from the Fountainhead. "And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar" (Luke 1:11). The word of Truth, in which is centered the power of CREATION to overcome all limited beliefs and conditions.

4.Angels, ascending and descending--The imaging power of the mind

receiving divine ideas and reflecting them into the consciousness.

5.Apostles--Those sent forth; messengers; ambassadors; active

spiritual thoughts. Jesus conferred this title on the Twelve whom He

sent forth to teach and to heal. In order to command our powers and

to bring them into unity of action, we must know what they are and

their respective places on the staff of Being. The Grand Man, Christ,

has twelve powers of fundamental ideas, represented in the history of Jesus by the Twelve Apostles. So each of us has twelve faculties or fundamental ideas to make manifest, to bring out, and to use in the attainment of his ideals. There are innumerable other ideas, but each one stems from some one of these fundamental ideas. Jesus' twelve apostles were: Peter (faith); Andrew (strength); James, son of Zebedee (wisdom or judgment); John (love); Philip (power);

Bartholomew (imagination); Thomas (understanding); Matthew (will);

James (order); Simon the Cananaean (zeal); Thaddaeus (renunciation

or elimination); and Judas (life conserver).

6.Ark, Noah's--Symbolizes the spiritual part of oneself, built in the

midst of the flood of error. One builds one's ark on the scientific

understanding of the wisdom, presence, and power of God and on the

affirmations of what one is in Spirit. The only refuge from the Flood

(see Gen. 6:18) was the ark of Jehovah. The ark represents a positive,saving state of consciousness, which agrees with or forms a covenant with the principle of Being, with subconscious inspiration, with Christ.This ark is the product of "rest" (Noah) in the spiritual part of us, right in the midst of the flood of error.

7.Atonement--Reconciliation between CREATION  and Man; the

uniting of our consciousness with the higher consciousness.

8.Babe--Metaphysically, a new state of consciousness; innocent and


9.Being--God; the Mind of the universe composed of archetype ideas:

life, love, wisdom, substance, Truth, power, peace, and so forth. Being is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient; it is the fullness of God, the All-Good.

10.Bible Characters--The characters of the Bible represent ideas in one's

own mind. When this symbolism is understood one can follow the

characters in their various movements and thus find the way to solve

all one's life's problems.

11.Bible, Place in Truth Study--The Bible is a recital of what has taken

place in the consciousness of man, of the results of his working, either intelligently with the law or unintelligently against it, in seeking his own salvation. It gives an explanation of spiritual law as applied to man and tells him how to find the kingdom of heaven within.

12.Bible, spiritual interpretation of the--A spiritual interpretation of the

Bible demands that the meaning of every figure, type, parable, and

symbol must be in harmony with the fundamental principles of Being.

13.Blood--Expresses a spiritual principle that has been introduced into

the race mind through the purified Jesus. It is a spiritual principle in

that it rests on pure ideals; yet it is manifested in mind and body in

concrete form when rightly appropriated.

14.Body, How Transformed--The body is transformed by the renewing of

the mind. By affirmation the mind lays hold of living words of Truth

and builds them into mind and body.

15.Body,Spirit--The perfect manifestation of a divine idea. It is

composed of spiritual substance so pure that no disintegrating force

can be found in it. This body of pure Spirit is the very temple of the

living God; a radiant, beautiful body illumined with the eternal light of Spirit. "That they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me"

(John 17:24).

16.Body of Christ--The body that is the result of spiritual thought. It

maintains its unity with Spirit, even in manifestation. This is first

individual, and then universal, including all men.17.

17.Bread--Representative of universal substance. There is substance in words of Truth, and this substance is appropriated by prayer and meditation on Truth.

18.Bread from Heaven--Descent into man's consciousness of ideas that

are manifested as manna, which feeds and refreshes. "I have meat to eat that ye know not" (John 4:32).

19.Calf of Gold--Represents the tendency of man to form images after

the pattern that he sees with the eye rather than from the ideals that rise in the silent meditations of the mind.

20.Camel--In individual consciousness the camel is a symbol of power,

endurance, strength, and patient perseverance.

21.Candlestick--The candlestick of the Temple represents the

intelligence in man. The "seven golden candlesticks" of Rev. 1:12 are

receptacles of spiritual light.

22.Cherubim--Protection; sacred life. The inner, spiritual life is protected from the outer, coarser consciousness.

23. Children of Israel--The thoughts of reality or the true ideas about

Being that have to be brought out in every part of man's


24.Chosen of God--CREATOR has chosen each of us as a medium for the expression of Himself as love, life, wisdom, abundance, health, and so forth. "Ye did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that ye should go and bear fruit" (John 15:16).

25.Christ, birth of--The birth of Christ is the beginning in the inner

realms of consciousness of a higher set of faculties, which, when

grown to full stature, will save the whole man from ignorance,

sickness, and death.

26.Christ, first coming of--The dawning in mind that spiritual man is the

real Son of CREATOR.

27.Christ, indwelling--The Son of God or spiritual nucleus within each

person. All our thoughts must harmonize with this spiritual center

before we can bring into expression the DIVINE consciousness.

28.Christ, second coming of--The awakening and the regeneration of

the subconscious mind through the super conscious or Christ Mind.

on the divine consciousness. of Christ--Spiritual consciousness.


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