At this time of the year, love is in the air and comes with it is sharing.  There is love in sharing.  As we celebrate this season, let us not forget the poor and the needy among us.  Put smile on the face of one less privileged person this season and God will shower you with more blessings.  Merry Xmas to all of us.

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Thanks Charlse for reminding us and wish u 2 a blissful xmas.

Thanks Mich. Good to know you are back.  I have missed your intelligent contributions.  Welcome and Merry Christmas.

It's time we all look back and remember less privilege among us and help them as much as we can,give them your time if you don't have money for them.Keep it up Charles, Merry Christmas to you too.

Thanks bro,Merry Christmas to you and family.


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