Before going into any business in the medical line, you must have acquired certification on the basic requirement to start and run a medical business or a license to enable you operate in the medical line so without a license or any kind of qualification, you cannot have a medical laboratory business in Nigeria.

But if you currently do not have the license or certificate and do not wish to go through the trouble of attending a medical school, not to worry, there is always a way around it. You could make someone already in the field one of your board member or better still,you could partner with the person.

Planning is a very important part in starting a med lab business before starting this business, you must have a step by step detailed outline that you will follow to run a successful medical laboratory business.

there should be checkpoints which will serve as yardsticks to measure the progress of your business.this will help you measure your project in a scale of where it is to where you envision it to be in the nearest future.

You might need a huge capital to start up this business because it is capital intensive depending on how big you want to start and how big you want your business to be and you will also need both human and material resources to invest as you start up your you should be able to identify,calculate and approximate how much it will cost you in investing in this business.

The first step in creating a legal identity for your business is by having it registered with corporate affairs commission of Nigeria CAC, and it is also important for your business to be registered with the medical bodies.

Your marketing strategy should involve making the services you can render known to the patients and doctors either by banners, newspapers, adverts and other modes of advertisement,and also getting in contact with the potential referees to refer their own customers to you.

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