Mass CHANGE in every Nigerian is what will solve our problems in this country.

For a long time in our country,people have 'prayed' or 'advised' on possible solutions to our problems of corruption & underdevelopment.
Well,the question every Nigerian should ask him/herself is 'How clean is my slate?'
If you want a real change,then you yourself must change your ideology & actions. For this country to move forward,even the 'common man' must work & enhance his qualitíes of being DISCIPLINED & HONEST.

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The world cannot carry the load of refugees of 160 million people. please everyone should read or reread the novel by George Orwell "THE ANIMAL FARM". Foreigners will use you to destroy  the much our leader have put in place, at the same time siphon our resources. Pray for your country, work harder to be better than the leaders of today. My salute for Juliana

You are correct my sister.  Some of us that cry out loud about corruption are not better than some of our leaders.  It is only when you entrust someone with position of  trust and responsibility that you can know how faithful that person is.  Discipline and honesty should be the watch word of everyone Nigerian if we must move forward.


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