Marriage is not for s3x, we make love as the spirit leads — Pastor tells singles

A Nigerian pastor, Ab Isong, took to Facebook to advise singles who are yet to get married.


According to the Akwa Ibom based pastor, marriage is not about weather for two, it requires hard work because the children need to be well fed.

Sharing a photo of himself with his family on Wednesday, May 12, pastor Isong, stated that they 'make LOVE as the SPIRIT leads and not as the WEATHER decides'

"Dear Single Brothers and Sisters. You are out there shouting weather for two because of this cold weather abi? We who are in the office you intend coming into are not observing weather for two oh! We have stepped out to throw our dice while trusting God to give us double six," he wrote.

"Dear singles, marriage is not for SEX! We make LOVE as the SPIRIT leads and not as the WEATHER decides. Marriage is HARD-WORK! Children do not understand FOOD NO DEY. Selah" he added.


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