Everyone was in shock yesterday in undisclosed village as a man returns his wife to her parents saying the lady's private part is too wide, according to a local report.

What Does a Vagina Taste Like? 12 Things to Know

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The community was thrilled at how the man identified as Osman could be that immature as to return his legally wedded wife for such flimsy excuse.

The said man dropped the wife at her parent’s home and told his parents that many people must have slept with the said woman for her vagina to be that wide.

The couple before now were living in different houses. It was said that the wife was just recommended to him by another person.

However, a man who owns a kiosk besides where the woman lives claims that the man might be right, according to him, the wife was a notable tease in the area and that no man from that village would have married her.

He said they were completely astonished when the said husband decided to marry her.

The parents to the woman were said to have been very angry with their in-law for exposing their weakness openly.

The mother of the young lady as per an observer was said to have even called the in-law a half man.

They said this is unusual as no man has at any point done that to the community by returning his wife for having a wide private part.

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