To start buying and selling gift cards, you will need to have connections with the different businesses. There are many ways to make money in selling gift cards like the following:

When it comes to holiday and special gifts, gift cards are usually among the top choices. Through the cards, the recipient can choose the item or product that he/she prefers
It is quite easy to obtain the cards from business owners because the latter has only one focus – to gain more customers.
You can look for websites that will allow you to sell the gift cards
You can also find other websites online that buy and sell gift cards. According to statistics, a lot of people don’t use the gift cards and this is a great way for your business to get hold of the cards. The customers will be more than willing to sell you their unused gift cards, even for a lower amount.

Some Techniques that You Can Use

If others are willing to sell their gift cards at reduced prices, there are also those who want to grab gift cards. You can aside from buying gift cards, you can also sell them. If you want, you can have direct contact with the companies that offer the gift cards. That way, you can obtain the cards at a much lower price and sell them on face value.

You will have to think of ways on how to sell the cards and make profits. You can accept retailer gift cards or that from restaurants. In order to make money, you will need to buy the unused gift cards from customers at 50% to 90% of the face value. Most clients are willing to get some money in exchange for the card instead of putting it to waste. Make sure that you accept gift cards with $20 value or higher. It wouldn’t be a great idea to buy cards with lower values because this wouldn’t be good for the business.

source: make money selling itunes gift cards

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