You can make money as an independent marketer for Erimama Investment Company Ltd, a portable cabins manufacturing company headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

Erimama Investment Company Limited offers independent sales partnership opportunity to everyone living in Nigeria and abroad who wishes to promote our products and earn commission by referring paying customers to our company.


The company manufacture Portacabins and all kinds of steel buildings.

Our portable cabins and insulated buildings are used as:

1. Office buildings
2. Event halls
3. Warehouse
4. Factory building
5. Employee accommodation
6. Construction site camp
7. School buildings
8. Telecom shelters
9. Point of sale kiosks
10. Instruments storage buildings
11. Residential accommodation

. . . and for whatever other purposes customers need them for.


Independent sales partners earn 5% of the value of any Portacabins or steel buildings customers they refer to the company buy.

This means that if you refer a customer who buys a building or Portacabins worth 100 million Naira, you get 5 million Naira commission on the sale.

The process is pretty simple and straight forward.

1. Find potential customers online and offline.

2. Refer them to the company

3. And get paid 5% of the value of whatever they buy from the company as commission.


The company has a WhatsApp support group for its affiliates or independent marketers.

The purpose of the affiliate support group is to provide training and guidance to the company's independent sales people so they get complete understanding of the company's product range and how to market them and earn sizable commission from the partner program.

Interested in joining the Portacabin Affiliates Support Group?

Simply SMS your full name and WhatsApp number to 07086459367.

Please include the following message in your SMS. "Add me to the portacabin affiliate group".

The company's affiliate program web page is:

Visit the page to get answers to frequently asked questions about the company's partner program.

Send a text message to the group admin to add you to the group using the phone number and details above

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