Magical ways to make education easy for ‘dull students’

For good reasons, which I would consider acceptable, formal education doesn’t seem to favor some students. While that is not their fault at all, illiteracy is not an option in this era of fleeting knowledge and experience. So to make learning and education easy and interesting to students themselves, an attempt has to be made to go the extra mile.

I’m being careful to call any student ‘dull’ because actually no one is dull; there is always that aspect of knowledge that everyone fits rightly into. So trying someone’s intelligent quotients as done at secondary schools, primary school and at the university level does not give the best result. So, through this article, you will be made to munch the magical ways to make education and learning easy for people who perceive formal education as difficult.

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Magical ways to make education easy

Understand the students’ psycho-makeup

The first step to winning students’ heart over is penetrating their psychological make-up and winning them over afterwards. No two students understands and learns at the same pace per time; so it’s up to the student’s coach to treat the students’ learning needs with utmost concern.

Get students’ attention with their hobby

If you truly want learning easy for your students, teaching academic lessons may be the wrong subject to introduce in the first and second learning session with them. Start with their hobby or what interests them.

Introduce project based learning to the curriculum

My basic school headmaster kept saying that …”we learn to do by doing…” and that’s how the principle works in earth even in mars. If you, the teacher or tutor introduce project based learning to the students, they learn with images of what they have learnt boldly written in their mind.

Through project based learning, students’ learn to collaborate in case of a practical group work and engage their minds independently in thought of the next right thing to do so the project could come out best. Theory academic work allows someone else to think for you; it doesn’t sound well for a student who wants to do upgrade.

One major reason why discussions about relationship and sexuality earn public interest most often is because such issues are very practical and happens almost on daily basis and involves everyone in one way or the other.

So to make education become more interesting than you think, make learning a practical approach and not an abstract knowledge.

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