Made for each other: Lady marries her own twin brother

2021 is at it again, as unusual love birds’ surface on Social Media

Lady reveals how she and her twin brother fell in love and got married brother.

She revealed that people shared a special bond since birth and they soon realized that they were made for each other.

She said, “We had a connection since we were born; we then realized that we were meant for each other”.

She further revealed that it was not a joy ride as their love story got its disapproval from family and friends.

“Our Parents and friends disowned us, they said it was a sin and we got kicked out, we moved out and stuck together.”

Against all odds, the lady said they got married and now have a child together.

“He proposed and we got married but no one came to our wedding, we got married regardless.

“I got pregnant and we got a baby girl.”

Lady has asked not to be judged and said she hopes their love lasts forever.


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