i observed somethn,,why do some gals wear low waist jean & short tops,,and then turn around 2 make insincere & vain efforts 2 cover d bum they so desperately want to show off??...me think,they shud either go all d way or dnt go at all,,there's no sittn on d wall here....lol

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Indecent dressing that is! Hope our girls will get back to their senses and give respect and diginty to womanhood.
it is fashion gone mad.
Its just to get attension from people like you and if they have'nt you would'nt have notitced them public dressing.
lol,,i hav no choice,i got 2 notice dem,afterall am human & hav keen eye sight,,but it stil doesnt negate d folly in it ...their motto shud be ''show it all proudly or cover it up 4 real'',,
Yes miss,,,i wont look nxt time..hahaha

Bridget Nzeribe said:
I guess they want to showcase what their mama gave them.but come to think of it,of all places you can stare your eyes went downstairs to capture the backside!!!!bro,you too much.well,l don't blame you coz our female folks this days don't have time for dressing code.If you're a lover of Nigerian movies,l bet you,you'll feel so ashame of our artists.lt's part of the rebranding process we're all talking about.but bro,l'll advise you not to look down again for fear of been arrest for looking assualt.


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