A Nigerian pentecostal church on Saturday announced that it was charging a fee of 2,000 naira (13 dollars, eight euros) for connecting would-be lovers on
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The House of God Fellowship Church, located near a Lagos prison, is charging the fee to defray the cost of a seminar, marriage counselling,
music and entertainment during the love event, spokesman Michael
Uchebuaku told AFP.

"The event is purely for singles. There was a large turnout of would-be lovers when the 'Love Connection Valentine's Singles' event was staged for the first time last year," he said.

"Start the new year by meeting your Mr or Miss Right," states the church in an advertisement in The Guardian newspaper on Saturday.

"Hurry up and register because this might be your last chance to find your husband or wife. To register, pay 2,000 naira to any branch of Union
Bank," the advertisement said.

Uchebuaku, a public relations professional, said that under a deal with the church, profit from the event will be shared equally between the church and himself.

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