While the MMM operated on a created online portal, the loom network has it's stay on the popular messaging app, whatsapp. While MMM's payment and processes was fully automated by the owners, Loom's own is left as a game .

Looms Nigeria mode of operation Reading this piece either as a potential investor to the scheme or just to get a knowledge of it, you might get confused about how this scheme do play out. I first get to know about the scheme few weeks ago in school (checkings shows the scheme started in late 2018). A friend was trying to convince one of my friend to join the scheme, promising that he will get him registered for just N500 of which he stands a chance of earning N5,000 in the run. The possibility itself might have been correct as at then, but the intensity of persuation of the friend adding to my confusion made me hate the scheme before i came to know anything about it.

Before listing the breakdown operations, please be advised to invest into it as a game. The Loom pyramid scheme has itself divided into four colour-coded levels.

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