Literature review: how to write your project chapter two with deep analysis

Done with your project chapter one, the chapter two is next I suppose. How easy literature review sounds but yet has proven to be one of the most technical sections in final year projects where undergraduates fumble structurally in their research documentation. The constant fumbling could be attributed to a mix-up of what it takes to successfully do a review of related literature as it concerns the current research.

Here is a walk through for a deeply analyzed literature review

It is worthy of note that literature review is not an avenue to do a recap of the select papers in view or how they went about their research. Rather, you are expected to examine the variables that have been studied previously, how the researcher(s) went about the studies and the research outcome. Don’t stop there, complete your review with a close illustration of how each of those research outcomes affects, relates or concerns your own final year project.

Recall that literature review is not limited to one previous research, depending on what project topic you are studying, you could selectively pick two, three, four or even five previously published or unpublished projects done in your project topic cycle. This will help make your research a little more elaborate and ofcourse your review more comprehensive.

Have these in mind when doing your project literature review


Review of related literature requires careful analysis and identification of key research procedures and findings that supports your research. It means you should follow through right from the dependent and independent variable under study, the research objectives, the research population, sample size and procedures up to the research findings. Take time to figure them out and proceed to what’s next.

Interpretation of findings

To further illustrate your comprehension of the review, give explanatory information of on the research findings. Try to keep your prose manageable.


So as mentioned earlier, this is exactly where to demonstrate your final year project adaptation to the select literature in review. How does this document you have reviewed support your project topic? What factors do they share in common? What does my project topic intend to do better based on what I have observed so far? Those are queries you should give answers to when drafting this segment of the literature review.

Literature review consists of Review of existing literature and Review of related literature; while the former applies to text books, journals and the likes, the later applies to published or unpublished research papers that have been duly documented. However in discussing them, the above three key indicators should be applied diligently. Ensure to give due acknowledgment in your literature reviews to make your credible.  

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