List Of Code To Share Data On Glo Detailed In FULL

Looking for the code to share data on Glo or to gift Glo data bundle subscription plans and MB with other Glo subscribers? Then you’re reading the right article.

One of the reasons for this increase in the number of persons requesting to know how to share data on Glo is because many people now own as much as 3 different SmartPhones or internet enabled devices.

Data sharing on Glo can be done either by using the automatic tool offered by the networks HSI portals or by using their USSD code. Let’s quickly look through the codes to share data on Glo:

1.  Using their HSI portals

Configure your modem or phone to the below APN settings

APN = gloflat

Username: flat

Password: flat

  • Connect to the internet and visit with any of your favorite browsers
  • Subscribe to a Glo data plan from the HSI portal page (Skip this step if you have an active data plan subscription already)
  • Your SIM card number and current active data subscription will be automatically detected with a “share” or “renew” prompt
  • Click on the share button and input the Glo phone number you wish to share data with in the box provided
  • Click Yes to confirm

Take note of these steps because you’ll need it to add more numbers or to delete some afterwards. Other basic useful settings can also be done from the HIS portals such as checking sharing status & remaining data MB.

2.  Using their USSD Code

Simply dial the following USSD code below:

  • ADD the phone number of the person you wish to share data with by dialing:  *127*01*<the GLO number>#
  • To delete a person from your data sharing list, dial *127*02*<the GLO number>#
  • To see a display of the list of the number of people you have shared data with, dial *127*00#
  • To check data bundle balance using USSD, dial *127*0#

3.  Sharing By their SMS short Code

Let me share with you guys one more code to share data on Glo. This method is mainly for those using older versions of modem interface that doesn’t support the USSD menu and functions.

  • To ADD the phone number of the person you wish to share data with send: “Share the GLO number>” as SMS to 127  (example: “share 0807xxxxxxx” send as SMS to 127)
  • To REMOVE the phone number of the person you have formerly shared data with, send “Remove the GLO number>” as an SMS to 127 (example: “Remove 0807xxxxxxx” send as SMS to 127)
  • To check data bundle balance via SMS send: info as a text message to 127

Gifting Data MB Plans to Friends

Sharing is good when you have a number of Smart Phones and other internet enabled devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone & another internet enabled phones that are all using Glo SIM card.

It’s also good  for families who wish to subscribe to only one data plan for the household and then use a code to share data on Glo among members of the family.

Conversely, gifting is meant for persons who want to send Glo data as gift to their friends or colleagues. In other words, you are purchasing a Glo data plan for another customer.

How to gift data MB

To GIFT a Glo data: Dial *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<friend’s number>#  (example: Dial *127*53*0807xxxxxxx# to gift the always Micro plan to a friend)


Send  “Gift <plan name> <friend’s number>” to 127 (example: send “Gift always micro 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127).

There you have it guys, now you know the code to share data on Glo. So go ahead and share! And remember to share this post too.


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