Limestone is the main raw material in cement plant. Firstly limestone is crushed by limestone crushers, then mixed with clay in accordance with a certain proportion. The mixed materials enter into cement mill for grinding into powder. There is chemical reaction of these powder in rotary kiln. Clinker from the rotary kiln must be grinded into pwder in raw mill.
Limestone crushing process is the first important procedure before limestone materials are dried and sent into the next system. The ratio of size of the largest block to be feed and the final products’ particle size is called reduction ratio of the crushing system. It directly affects the identification of the number of broken sections and the selection of crusher.In the limestone crushing plant, there are hammer crusher and impact crusher for big reduction ratio. Usually these limestone crushers’ reduction ratio is 10~35. Take the example that if the first input size of limestone rocks is 200mm, the final particles’ size should be less than 10um. Under this, hammer crusher or impact crusher is the suitable limestone crushing equipment.

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