INDICATIONS emerged, weekend, that no fewer than six Nigerians had been killed in the ongoing political crisis in Libya while more than 12,440 others were trapped in Tripoli and Benghazi.

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Guy! when I read last week that the Nigerian Embassy in Libya has fled leaving the Nigerians there stranded, two things came to my mind: first the level the crises has worsen into, and secondly the problem the stranded Nigerians are into. 

As a Nigerian, the headline on today's Vangurg(7/3/2011): Libyan soldiers kill 6 Nigerians, 12,440 trapped in Tripoli, Bengghazi...., I bacme so pained. Pained because this would only expose to the world how Nigeria value her citizens. First she can not repond enough to evacuate her citizens from the troubled region and secondly she is not the type that can add credence to the fact that there is danger in stepping on the tail of a sleeping dog.


This is a pitiable dismal moment for Nigeria, only God can save us!

That is nigeria you are in,I wouldn't see it as a suprise if this incident is already shun.


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