The election in delta state shows the level of poverty in d state.Most electorate sold their vote for money ranging from 200,300,400.they were not interested on the credibility of the persons contesting but the amount of money they are ready to give . Most credible lost out while those wit dubious character took the stage.

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What a shame! it is the same people who will come shouting that the governor is not doing much.  Now that they have sold their votes and conscience, hope they will not complain again.
It happened everywhere and it was really pathetic.
This action is not  only an attribute of poverty , but that of illiterate who can not distinguished the power of a voters card  from a mere pieces of paper. this largely account to why we can not hold our public office holders accountable for all their action  while in office . there is a difference between the poverty of mind and that of the pocket and that is what most Nigerians are suffering from.i pray the  people of this caliber should be educated to free themselves from  this bondage.


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