Email users must be familiar with these kinds of mails. Several of them are received in my junk/spam mail box daily. I have not as yet responded to any of these because I know it is a scam or 419. But the persistent of this group to write these kinds of mail indicate that they are probably making success with some people.

I have copied the email verbatim as I received it so that VOC members and readers, if they receive the same they would be wise to know that it it is one of the methods of Advanced Fee Fraudsters. Don't even respond to them as that exposes your email address to further and future attacks.

Be wise.

Simone Gbagbo Add to contacts
From: Simone Gbagbo ([email protected])
Sent: Wed 4/20/11 4:36 AM
Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we'll delete it after ten days.
Wait, it's safe!

Hello Sir,
Sorry for contacting you like this.
I am Mrs. Simone Gbagbo, the wife of former President Laurent Gbagbo the
Ivory Coast ruler.
If you watch closely in the News you will see the political problem we have
regarding who won the recent election.
We are receive a lot of pressure to step down for my husband opponent but my
husband refuse after all my advice, because women have no power to men in Africa
and at last he was caught and remove like you have seen on the news.
After the approval of the EU sanctions and ban on my family and few supporters
of my husband on traveling to any EU country or America,
I manage to transfer my kids and out to Morocco now and i need your assistance
to relocate them to your country as soon as possible.
I will transfer the sum of $5 Million Dollars and five 9kilos of row Gold
under your care as soon as you are meet my kids in Morocco to help my them set
up any profitable investment project in your country immediately they arrive in your country with you.
I have decided to offer you 5% of the total amount if you can make it to
Morocco as soon as possible.
Please Contact me in this private email address to discuss more if you are
interested and send me your telephone number and private email address for
easy communication.
My Private email is: [email protected]
Looking forward to hear from you soon as soon as possible.
Mrs. Gbagbo.

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Keep your eyes open.  it is just one out of many.


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