ndi Igbo kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwezuoo nuo o !!! Yes its true that we Igbos nid to test power as president but that should not be cause of to be insulting or using abusive words on our elders known as OHA-NA-EZE-NDI-IGBO, we should show them love and give them some correction when necessary becos no one is perfect. Its also true that Jonathan is 4rm southern but that should not discourage us from supporting him, though he our brother but politically, he not one of us becos he no 4rm south-east. Therefore, lets us all the Igbos pledge him, the president our support inorder 4 him to serve us in return in 2015, this is becos, with or without our support he will win the next year election, so inorder 4 to remain commited with him, we all should aurge him all the necessary support he needs 4rm us inorder 4 him to win the election. Lets us as Igbos support our brother, neighbour and aspirant, GEJ as the president of next year general election and forget about the promises made by northern aspirant to hand over power to us in 2015, why not them allow us to lead and hand over to them in 2015. All those promises are manifestoes which thy may not fulfill when elected into office. The last thing a northern will do is to hand power to south-easth, simply becos they are afraid that if such power as presidnt should be given to us the south-east, we wik utilise it and secede and that will happen if such power should be given to such a heroe like O. OJUKWU. Lets be partisan politics in support of GEJ.

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this is nonsense,when will people like u grow up and know that tribal politics is dead.u support Gej so that he will hand power over to igbos.next 5yrs Gej will need 2nd term what will u do then? Wake up and vote a man who will lead us to economic stablity not who made a stupid promise to igbos.days of tribal politics are long gone
were U also enlightened that GEJ will not support in the promotion of our economic stability. U are just replying due to Ur ignorance. U are not a politician, we the political scientist is trying to make U understand what the future hold out there 4 us and U are confussing Urself. To talk of other aspirants, is it Atiku who was colliding with OBJ in the bribe and corruption b4 they had clash and dissolved will come in and eradicate his former boss way of leading or IBB who is a military to come and lead under civilian, there is every tendency that he will rule just as his counterpart OBJ did insted of leading his people. Even if GEJ wants, he can rule morethan 4 yrs only if the norms can permits him. All I want is an Igbo to step there so can we can superseed them and secede. If that will not suit U, you can relocate to the north and change Ur name 4rm Ndu to Danjuma. We are not seeking 4 our betterment rather, we are seeking 4 the betterment of our generation, this is becos our genergation has being corrupted by such people who pretends to be patriotic. So my dear, its either U understand me or U excuse me with my idealogy. Bye.
Mr azubike,,u again??wit ur archaic secesionist ideas..i dd very much like 2 belive ur educated viz-a-viz as a political scientist as claimd in ur write up,but evry other thing seems 2 point otherwise...why??u may ask..ur opinions are myopic & not geared towards d true interest of d greater igbo populace,,ask ursef;in d event of secesion,wot wil hapen 2 d investments of d igbo man in diaspora,& i can assure u dat dese investments ar not minuscle,,besides d attendant violence,acrimony,etc dat did sucede such motion.....like i'v always told u,,sit back,observe,think witout sentiments & make d right choice....even if u want 2 vote 4 d best candidatte wit d best potentials & quality,then it dd b saraki,,but dats ur choice,,vote bcos its d right peson not bcos of myopic ideologies like secesion....
mr political scientist,u resorted to personal attack b/c u can't defend ur rubbish article. any igbo man with brain will not vote GEJ on the promise that he will serve one term and hand them over in 2015.GEJ will seek 2nd term like any other president before him and the constitution allow that.what will happen to that promise? As for your plan of splitting Nigeria. the map of Biafra in 1967 consist of present day Delta,Rivers,part of Akwa ibom and Bayelsa,cross river states plus the 5 states in the south east.where will your boundary start ? will the Niger delta be part of your future state? what Nigeria needs is a leader with vision who will move us foward.
Politics of Who gets what, when & how. Ndigbo is similar to Absolon who wanted his fathers(DAVID) trone before his demise, like Easau, they quick to take the poridge because 'echi d'ime(no one knows tomorow), like the prodigal son, they are quick to sugest the sharing of the spoils so that the people even their immediate kinsmen will bow down for them(igbo enweghi eze). Who is the right Ibo man to lead Nigeria? They will still be seeking another pot of poridge while the another Jacob is being blessed by Nigeria. As a kid growing up in (1993) Aba Abia State, i witnessed the non-support of the Ibos to the NRC Presidential Aspirant (Tofa) cos his running mate is from Mbaise, Imo State. They were like, how can an Mbaise man rule us, if he does, we are all doomed. What of the Rochas of our time that is an EPITOME OF POLITICAL PROSTITUTE, so quick to go back to the PDP after acheving his aim of spliting the Ibo vote. Is Dim the right man for Ndigbo to trust? No, because the ibos knows what would happen after Karl Max's proleterian revolution of Ibo Nation(seceeding) & the North hasn't forgoten so so that he was in the Military when the likes of Azikewe were spared and there northern heroes slained. Come to think of it, how come APGA couldn't control the Five Eastern States after the 1999 Elections as AD(S/W) and ANPP(NORTH), this shows there distrust for one another. Until they realize that evryone cant be a Moses(leadeq), most are born Aron(obedient servants) to help Moses talk the people to the promise land, Buike, forget the Ibo unity. If GEJ were to be an Ibo man, the Odili's, Igbinidion's, Clark's, Alams, Sekibo's, etc would had made him restless and strugling to decide his fate. I for one don't give a hooth about who is at the helm of the nations affairs, the tribe for me don't matter, what matters is GOOD LEADERSHIP and the State Fulfilling Her Part of the SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY, for she already is a FAILED STATE.
Mr. Man, what is your point, all Igbo people to come together to vote him in. people would vote for Jonathan if they choose too okay and I think tribe or no tribe voting for the right and positive things in the next five years to come is the most important thing right now.


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