We should not sleep because the enemies of this country are planning their evil plots against the peace, progress, prosperity, to kill and to destory.
Let pray that heaven will arise arrest these evil men that wants to kill and destroy.

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If no b God nobody can destroy dis country.Don't worry God is behind Nigeria.
The God of Isaac and Jacob will not allow them to succeed.My Heaven Father wil arest them where ever they are.They must reap whatever they planted,all evil attacks must rest upon their families,Amen!
There is a proverb in my language that says, that child that would not allow his or her mother sleep in the night , would not he or herself sleep, so there should be careful  else they rape from their plan more any one.
So far it is prayer that has sustained the unity of this country.  God will continue to lead us aright.
Yes, just as we all need prayers individually and collectively so also Nigeria. But you see, Nigerians have been praying and God has been answering, what is remaining might not be in our star as a people but in our hands. It is time to rise and defend our own in this country.


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