Let me tell you what is happening now in Nigerian Banks

I went to one of the most popular Banks in Nigeria this morning to make financial deposits for a business I want to invest into. Really wished I had some money in my transfer account but there was nothing I could do to save myself from going to the bank. Set for work; I had to branch at this bank to make the payment to my supplier. I felt embarrassed with the experience that caught me by surprise.

Banking is no more what we think it is; research in banking and finance is now revolving more around codes and less with papers. And may I even suggest that the banking and finance project topics that universities so hold sacred should be looked into by quality assurance academic officers to ensure quality research outcome; because basing my judgment on my experience in the bank today, a lot of work need to be done by classroom lecturers to enable students measure up with the industrial requirements after school.

I guess your question will be… What did I see?

Yea, about what met me in the bank today; I was aiming to pick-up the usual deposit slip in the banking hall, when one of the officers alerted me that they no longer work with papers… What!!! That was all I could say. It’s been a while I went to the bank actually so I wouldn’t have known of the recent development if I didn’t go there.

If they don’t work with papers, what could be the recent development? Follow closely

I still remember very clearly that I didn’t meet any queue in the deposit spot, yet I claimed I was in hast and needed urgent attention…  “Please just give me the deposit slip, I don’t have time anymore, I’m late for work” those were my words.

I was asked to initiate the payment with my phone and I told them look “I don’t bank with your bank, I only want to pay into someone’s account” That was ignorant of me. But since no paper was coming, I give in. I realized I was just a dial away from the transaction that would have taken like ten minutes or more to complete.

I almost made a mess of myself but my attendant was kind enough to draw my attention to the new, easy and convenient way of depositing money in the bank whether or not you own an account with that bank.

The digitization is the new order, it works faster and more convenient than ever. But my only regret is that people could be at risk in cases of hack or SIM card theft.

Maybe you have had that experience yourself, maybe not. What do you think about that development? Hit the comment box let’s talk about it.




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