i read sometimes with disdain on calls on the Ag President to do this, not to do that so on and so forth.

thank God he is an intellectual and knows what is right from what is wrong.if we are to follow the voices of some so called opinion leaders nigeria will be at a criss-cross.

the ag president should be given the chance to move the nation move forward with the God given ideas and wisdom he has.

now the cabinent has been dissolved,what next? he knows when to strike and he did at the right time, so selecting his ministers should not be a cxhallange to him as he is aware of what is at stake,and too much cries from every quarter can be distracting..i believe the ag president is not a man that can be easily distracted.

he is already tackling the issues one by one and knowing the limited time he has at his disposal he needs to concentrate to do this job at a faster pace.divergent calls should be minimised and lets pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to rest upon him in a greater measure to that that is needed of him

pls lets rally round him to

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