Before we all either get carried away with the result in a few hours. We need to be very punitive about the outcome (not necessary the result) as reflects how we played, did we maximize our resources based on our researches. Taking the whole Nations Cup fiesta into reckoning, we need to incorporate our Researches and Resources in demographic equations from past and present to the road and answers to a good outing in South Africa. Because my people the key word here is PREPARATION.

RESEARCH AND RESOURCES-Did we get the best players and coaching staff. Did we put our players in the best possible fit as to the systems of play and coaching philosophies from where ever and whatever the functional and workable systems of play we saw them exhibit from some kind of understanding or accustomed to at the club level. It took some patience, understanding, knowledge and teaching on the club part and a humble ready to learn attitude from the players. Is our coaching crew swimming in bigger waters? My answer is YES, Should Amodu be fired –No. No...It takes a lot of commitment and pull to build a formidable squad, starting from the front office, (Sport Ministry, NFF) the coaching staff and finally the most importantly the PLAYERS. Did the front office did their research to get the right Coach from day one, Did the coaching staff get all they needed to perform and with the front office did they get the kind of players that will fit perfectly into their Coaching philosophies, systems of play and methodologies, again are these con current in today’s footballing. Now, the PLAYERS who are the most important, because the beautiful round leather game will always be played without the front office, coaches and whatever…Do the current players appreciate the honor to don the green and white outfit, this can be so if they belief they merited their call up, do they have respect and believe in the coaching staff and front office, are they sold to the principle that the word  TEAM has no I, do they explore ways and burn time during off season to make themselves better, do they make commitments and contributions to help the younger generations behind them  be better and ready to take over from them when the time is ripe..We all know we can go on forever with our grammatical fixitation. But, the Eagles have just 4months, to make Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria football proud and to some of us going to S/Africa not start looking for a different shirt to wear around.

Today, we might lose to Zambia or let me be gracefully blunt; I don’t see us going past the semis. We don’t have a good team that plays and understand even how their own  play develops, We play a Flat 4 back with so much dependant on the rest 6 to drop even almost to the goal line, of all the games played we have only caught our opponents 3 times with the offside trap, they have no clue to responsibilities as point of pressure on the ball, the role of first, second and third defenders, Mike’s report of no scouts and scouting reports is mind blowing..I will ease off the technical lapses for now.                  

I still think the present team can still do us proud in S/Africa...Angola belongs to Egypt-I still say they are the best team in Africa, a big shame the world will miss out (that’s another discussion for another time).   I think Angola is been a good showcase and a source of thermometer to see our preparedness or lack of it, for us and the rest of the African countries going to S/Africa. I think a consortium of coaches, Amodu is a class act gentleman and knows knowledge has no limit, then get players that believe and are coachable, not necessary the so claimed or known players..In coaching there is nothing like the right way and in TEAM there is nothing like the best players to make a team gel..The TEAM WAY has always been and WILL BE the RIGHT FIT.UP EAGLES, GOD BLESS NIGERIA…..

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I have been watching this team and I cannot see any cohesion whatsoever. Naturally Nigeria builds slowly, but up the pace towards the last quarter. With the current team that Nigeria exhibit; there are too many slow defensive minded players. They don't seem to have any penetrative midfielders evidenced in the junior world cups.Where are all the young boys that did well in the 2 most recent junior world cups? The current team will be dissected easily by any European or South American team. I coach under 12 and 17 team in the UK and I cannot see any balance in this team. Nigerian football is based on athletic finesse, Speed, skills and fitness. There are only few players who possess any of those qualities. The only consistent players in the squad in any game are Udewinge,Shittu and the Goalkeeper. Most of the others are not up to scratch.

I do not blame just the coach because Nigeria is a failed state, hence the coach will be working with his hands tied. In any team planning, facilities, Training are key. I cannot see any of these available to the coach. Most successful team have dedicated focused coaches that have the total backing of their hierarchy. In Nigeria’s case it is more about looting. You can only reap what you sow.
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