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"Millions have been inspired by the Bible's spiritual lessons. Now, there is a book that provides a unique way to view the Bible ...for leadership lessons that can be applied to our modern business world. This is a unique way to view the Bible -- a leadership tool to be applied to the modern corporate world. Rich in business insight, readers will enjoy the leadership lessons gleaned by biblical and modern day readers. It is called: Leadership%20Secrets%20from%20the%20Bible.jpg

The chapters cover these universal topics: Courage; Purpose; Communication; Honesty and Integrity; Power and Influence; Performance Management; Team Building; Humility; Compassion; Justice; Encouragement and Consequences; Wisdom; and, creating the Future Each topic concludes with a list of key points to keep in mind as readers continue on their own leadership journeys."

For instance, consider the followings:--

  • David's courage and innovation in slaying Goliath with just a stone and a sling;
  • Moses' outstanding "succession planning" in picking Joshua;
  • Joseph and the political skills that brought him to the seat of power; and of course,
  • Jesus' compassion, communication skills, and vision that launched Christianity (a long-term success by any measure).

These are leaders among leaders. Their achievements - and their inspired methods of achievement - offer a wholly different perspective on business leadership.

For the dozens of Biblical stories presented, this book provides:

  • A concise retelling of each story;
  • One (or more) leadership lessons suggested by each story;
  • Examples of contemporary business leaders who exhibit some of the inspired traits of these ancient leaders, including: Fred Smith of FedEx, Howard Shultz of Starbucks, Tom Chappell of Tom's of Maine (a "toothpaste with a mission"), Roy Vagelos of Merck, and many more.

 The Bible on Leadership provides keen insights into management and stewardship from a timeless resource; a unique way to view the Bible- a leadership tool to be applied to the modern corporate world".

This book brings to life, a key message: that The Bible is the greatest leadership book for today's business leader.  The Author has built a sound and sturdy bridge between modern day business challenges and Biblical lessons.

Rich in revelations and immediate applications, it is a book to enlighten and inspire anyone called to lead-regardless of their personal faith.

Indeed, if you want to find a reason to lead and succeed in life at all, please, start with this book.

Leadership Secrets of the Bible is affordably priced at N1,500=;  and you can order for it by merely replying this memo with your Name, Tel. No., and e-mail address. You will be told how to pay and receive your copy in your in-box.

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