A lot of people were killed in about 3 intances and mostly MUSLIMS, nothinng is done. Simply because they are Hausa Fulani Muslims. But recently just about last week. The so called fulanis took a revenge of what has been happening to them for long, and the issue turned to be a National issue. Are the Hause fulanis not humans? Once, their Governor a BEROM by tribe said and i quote HAUSA FULANI MOST LEAVE JOS WITH NYLON BAGS, BECAUSE THE WEALTH IN JOS IS NOT FOR THEM. This is because an average Berom man or woman can neither do any business but to sale DOG MEAT AND LOCAL BEAR CALL BURUKUTU. The Hause fulani will never leave Jos because the established the town not berom that are on the hills and bushes.

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Which ever way u look at it, the problem of all these crisis is not religion. It's purely economic. I guess if everyone has the basics of life like: light, water, good road, fuel, access to good education and job. There would be less time left for checking which religion ones neighbor is engaged in.

The people are angry, tired, hungry and stigmatized by the situation Nigerian corrupt leadership has brought them to. The only way to ease their tension & anger is turn on their environment.

So Mr usman yerima or whatever you call yourself. Before you start pouring out your heart and emotions, you should first use your brain (if u have any of course) and think normal. Because these sort of statement of yours does not present a solution but complicates matters the more.

Of course if one remains ignorant & does not possess any form of informal education, he/she has to sell DOG MEAT AND LOCAL BEAR CALL BURUKUTU and at the same time accept his/her fate and let others be. It is as simple as that.
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