A lot of people were killed in about 3 intances and mostly MUSLIMS, nothinng is done. Simply because they are Hausa Fulani Muslims. But recently just about last week. The so called fulanis took a revenge of what has been happening to them for long, and the issue turned to be a National issue. Are the Hause fulanis not humans? Once, their Governor a BEROM by tribe said and i quote HAUSA FULANI MOST LEAVE JOS WITH NYLON BAGS, BECAUSE THE WEALTH IN JOS IS NOT FOR THEM. This is because an average Berom man or woman can neither do any business but to sale DOG MEAT AND LOCAL BEAR CALL BURUKUTU. The Hause fulani will never leave Jos because the established the town not berom that are on the hills and bushes.

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Why all the hate? This has only led to blood shed. If the blood of a Hause Fulani is dropped , it is wrong, if a non-hause fulani's blood is wrong dropped, this also is wrong. Mr Usman Yerima, what you are saying reminds me of the fight that happened in warri some years ago, where it said that, a child would kill his mother or father because that parent was neither ijaw or itsekeri. Would you call this right? I had friends that were almost killed because they were not from other tribe. What are we all saying, this is very wrong. No body in this country should kill anyone in the name of tribe or religon. Let stop this hate game and develop this country. thank you.
Osundo, ur name reminds me of philip osundo who is a good patriotic Nigerian in those days. U could have taken easy with Jibrin is not a matter of abusing one another, but geting ur fact to convinced your friend. Take easy dont get annoyed pls. But let me tell osundo this life u re seeing is nothing but full of deception. I want to us put it behind ur mind that no matter how long u stay in this world u re one day going to die. U will not live forever, and in whichever religion u re into or even if u re a pegan u should know that the world is a transint camp. But if the Hausa fulani wants they eliminate all the plateau indigines in less than 3 hrs. thats not the issue now. What every sensible person wants is peace. when u talk of mutalab. Umar Mutallab has reach a place in a society whereby no plateau indigene has reach in life. And am telling in term of western education or economic empowerment, in all ur clan to the next century they will never ever smell of Umar Mutallab postion. The Man that becomes the first northerner to become the Charirman of FBN . He is one of the first qulaified chartered accountant in Northern Nigeria. Then why are insulting him for being a terrorist. He is jst a victim of circustances but not a terrorist. As for boko haram is a set of peole that have a goal to achieve which even in Jos we have the beroms who have a goal to achieve. Then finally, as u said the game will end finally. WE ARE WAITING, LETS SEE HOW THE GAME WILL COME TO AN END. AM SURE U WILL REGRET IT THEY WAY U RE DONG RIGHT NOW.
Wherever Islam rears is ugly head, death and destruction ALWAYS follows. Imagine a world at peace. Imagine a world without Islam.
Kelly or whatever u call urself u re a coword u re a big illiterate. U dont read anything in this world. Even the most civilised country thats USA, knows that ISLAM is most growing religin in the world. But let me tell u watch ur basket mouth or u regret it.
OSUNDO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HISTORY. We read books not cheat. So please refer to any intelectual u know if u know what it means at all
Mr usman yerima so all these collective efforts in this forum to enlighten u a bit is in vain.

A fox is clever but it pretends to be dumb, but in your own case the reverse is case.

Your are definitely not to be blamed. We blame the state of the improved world technology that today even chimpanzees could have access & make the use of the internet & computer without much ado.

If people with the same vision & state of mind & reasoning like you were successfully singled out & put away, these killings would have been averted & we would not be here trying hard to make a savage embrace a proper social conduct.

The whole world is reading your statements, and the statements of other well meaning Nigerians. I'm happy that people are beginning to get it. At least this discussion has proved that fools like you are all by themselves.

You are a shame to yourself. My last word to you is: Go & f*** yourself.
Seriously guys, its not worth the hassle commenting on this post any more because this USMAN dude is a deluded old man. First he justified the killing of innocent women and children. Then he went on some tirade about the Fulani being indigenous people of Jos. Man listen to yourself USMAN! Someone mentioned on this page that your type like to rip what you never sewed! And it is very true to the letter.
I will no longer write on this post because it was initiated by a mad man who doesn't know his left from his right. He only speaks on impulse without any form of reflection. Its people like him that have dragged this country to the Shambolic state it is in today. Beware of such people. They are like cancer.They come they kill and they take... They never serve.
And yes MR USMAN, you are free to make any comments you wish to make because freedom of expression is one of the pinnacles of democracy but I urge you to think before you write none sense because reading your comments through the page one can see that you are a failure.
Hi Yerima, wonderful question. Yes we have housa Fulanis in every State in Nigeria. But the issue here is the Hausa Fulanis have seen the populace(be it Berom or what ever tribe) in Jos as a reasonable number of people they can defeat. You don't expect them to attack any southern state do you? they will be extinguished in a matter of minutes. Jos had been very conducive and peaceful to allow the migration of a large numbers of not only Hausa Fulanis but Northerners to settle and do Business not knowing that this in the long run will result to what we face today(Religious Mayhem).

I am not saying Jos should not accommodate other tribes, if you really look at the City and recall its peaceful state back in time. That peaceful environment was never made up of just Berom people, it was a collection of Nigerians from all over the country.

To clarify this all, we must revisit leadership as a starting point, we have had Governors before Jang became one, but it is unfortunate that our leader(Jang specifically has not been fair to leadership not towards only the Hausa Fulanis but against all other tribes in Plateau State). He has taken various steps against all other tribes in the State towards possesing the Jos City only for the Beroms. A good example of one move Jang had taken which further brings about disunity in the State is imposing that in the State Ministries all other tribes apart from Berom and Jarawas will be relocated to work in their various Local Governments leaving only the Beroms and Jarawas in the Ministries(What Rubbish). Dose this look like a leader that has come to unite the State or break down unity and peace.

Jang himself should be held accountable for the mayhem, for I see him as being the initiator of these occurances. Also the normal Citizens like us should not go against our God given hearts of love and peace to drive causes facilitated by bad leadership in our Chruches, Mosque(Religious leaders preaching man slaughter). We must learn that human life is valuable to God and if you take it directly or indirectly you will face the wrath of God directly or Indirectly.

Usman, thanks for bringing up this discussion and I hope we all learn enough towards building a better tomorrow for us our young ones.

usman yerima said:
Onoh, Maigari, Jibrin, and Timi, u have contributed wonderfully on this discussion. And all your opinion are maturely explained. Am so happy u have understood what i mean. But for Onoh i accept ur correction is a typing error Thanks alot for your observation. But am still on my opinion, that KILLING PEOPLE IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO RECONCILE. and my questions are 1. There are more 8 violance in Jos and only Hausa fulani are the victims in that violance. WHY IS IT THAT NOBODY EVEN THE STATE GOVT. THAT CARES TO INVESTICATE AND PUNISH THE CULPRIT? 2. IS IT BECAUSE ONE SECTION WAS CHEATED IN THE RECENT VIOLANCE THAT WHY IT WAS TURN TO NATIONAL ISSUE? 3. THEY HAUSA FULANI, ARE THEY NOT INDIGINES OF PLATEAU? 4. WHO ARE THE REAL PLATEAU INDIGINES? IF these questions will be answer, the jos problem will be solved. In every state of Northern Nigeria there are Hausa fulani and the native of that area. WHY IS IT THAT THEY DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THEM?
please mr Usman iam not happy with the way you are going with this issue. please say somting better than taking this issue so personal. You guys should just respect your old age ok.
frank Biko,forget this issue of mr Yerima please i dont want you to cooment on this again. God bless.
Mr Jibrin Rabiu please, dont even go to far what do you mean by that. ok tell me who are those killers wearing army uniform are they not fake soldiers. please do not say what you do not know good day
well, i enjoyed talkint to MAIGARI, Jibrin, and Fajero. Am happy they are matured guys. Hope to talk to them soon. But as for Kelly, and Osundo they are big DOGS they dont even know what is happening in the country. Anyway, i have seen the level of their brain. And as for me, thank u everyone. Will be back soon with a new topic.


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