If you are serious about making some serious money providing laundry and dry cleaning services and make massive money, then you should get our Laundry business plan in Nigeria and get all the best information on how to start laundry business in Nigeria.
providing Laundry services is one good and avenue that any serious minded and hard working

Nigerian youth and entrepreneur can key into and make some good money today. 

Trust me starting a small scale laundry business today could be the best thing you can actually do for yourself as most business that turns people to millionaires does not necessarily have to be big.

Laundry/ dry cleaning business it not capital intensive, this is one business you can start from the comfort of your own home with just the right material, on this post I will share with you what you need to know and the right material and equipment to start your own Dry cleaning business.

To start and run this business efficiently you need to have a well written laundry & dry cleaning business plan and we have this business plan written by professional, this will help you with your financial projections and analysis, like the amount of money you intend to start with and the cost analysis, the overview of the business, how to make your business better than your competitors, the location and also the profit you intend to make.

One thing to give utmost attention to in laundry and dry cleaning service is the convenience of your costumers, the collection and delivery of the clothes should be swift, the price should be very affordable and the quality of the clothes should also be protected.

The profitability of starting a laundry service business in Nigeria can not be overstated for instance just to To wash and Iron a shirt, a launderer/ dry cleaner will charge nothing less than N500. then imagine you have to wash 20 shirts in a day, that will make you N500x20 = N10,000. The amount of money you make depends on you and how many regular customers you have and that its why you have to treat you costumers with utmost care and respect.


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