Latest: Liquid Battery That Cools Electronic Chips While Powering Them.[Photos]

Lately, some well known scientists from the renowned companies IBM and ETH Zurich university have finally built a tiny "flow" battery cell that has two main benefits of supplying power to electronic chips and at the same time cooling them. The liquid battery produces enough energy to power electronic chips while dissipating much more heat than it generates. The result could be smaller, more efficient chips, solar cells that store their own energy or devices used for remote monitoring that don't require external power sources at all.

The "Redox flow" batteries that make use of liquid electrolytes are normally used on a large scale to store energy as the case may be. We may consider this instance, recently Harvard Researchers created one of this battery that can last over ten good years with a very little degradation of the cell, infact making it more ideal to store wind energy or solar energy as the case may be.

However, Building these battery on a scale just tiny enough for electronic chips is another matter on the other hand. Well the team from IBM and ETH Zurich have managed to find two liquids that are suitable enough to serve both as flow-battery electrolytes and at the same time a cooling agents that can dissipate enough heat from electronic chips in the same circuit. They did quote saying "We are the first scientists in the world to build such a small flow battery so as to combine energy supply and cooling all at the same time" this was said by one of the team member by name Julian Marschewski.

Click the link provided below to see the internal structure of the Liquid Battery

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